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Jan HoutFrom our factory and showroom in Bergschenhoek we supply various scaffolding wood furniture for both indoor and outdoor. Including tables, benches, cabinets, TV furniture, beds, chairs, loft beds and much more. Have you made a design? Janhout. nl specializes in custom-made furnishings.

PetdukaWe offer products to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, worms and other parasites in your dog and cat. We also supply food supplements and food quality maintenance and improvement of joints, skin and fur, guts (o. A. Intestinal function), brains and behavior. The products are delivered from our veterinarian.

Koi RidderkerkKoi and Pond Center Ridderkerk strives to anyone with a pond and koi hobby support as possible. Whether you are looking for a new air pump or a complete pond we will always provide you with honest advice. Whether our pond and filter lets you build or we ourselves want to realize all thinking along with you!


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